Elena, the little flower girl

Elena is a girl in the fourth class of primary school and for the last three years she has been one of the beneficiaries of the project “Chance for a better life” developed by Dorcas Aid Romania in partnership with Christian Centre Betania.

She comes from a modest family, her parents working at a cattle farm from Cheresig village.

She has one more sister and a brother younger than she. Their house consists of two rooms, poorly furnished. The living conditions are precarious and one can barely say that the conditions are proper for children to live in.

Nevertheless, the opportunity of being enrolled in this educational project has been for Elena a chance to be part of a nice and healthy atmosphere for a few hours each day; within the daily program she also benefits of assistance in doing her homework and support for not abandoning school. In this way, her school results have improved, also she is less absent from the school now and her self esteem has increased significantly.

During the past year she has had the desire to involve herself in the project by helping with the cleaning work and with the preparing of the food. In this way her skills in different household tasks have developed.

At the end of May, Elena was taught by Maria, volunteer teacher in the project, to sow, to plant flowers and to care for them. She does all these now with special delight being hard for her now to believe how many things she has learnt and how she can guide her colleagues in planting and caring for flowers.

We have been glad to see Elena’s progresses and to look how she used the opportunities to improve her school results and to learn new skills.