“Blue Bucket” campaign

What is the “Blue Bucket” campaign?

It is an opportunity for the organizations and churches (which in this way they become partners in this campaign) to motivate, to empower and to involve its members in an action through which about 16.000 poor persons receive a bucket filled with aliments, on the winter holidays time.

How does the campaign go?

Dorcas Aid takes the responsibility for the marketing and promotion of the campaign, and the partners are asked to take the 12 liters blue buckets offered by Dorcas and fill them with aliments. Dorcas will make sure that all the buckets have labels on them with the logo of the partner organization and of Dorcas.

The buckets will be filled with basic aliments which will meet the food needs of a family for one or two weeks. Dorcas Aid has the request towards the partners that 20% of the filled buckets to be returned to Dorcas. The partner organization can distribute the rest of 80% of the filled buckets to the organizations or vulnerable people from its area. The filled buckets returned to Dorcas will be distributed in areas where the people in need are offered very low assistance and care.

What are the benefits of the partner organization and churches?

This campaign is an excellent way to improve the spiritual condition of the members and to determine them to do something for those in need. It is a good example to improve the team work of the employees and the members involved in collecting, packing and distributing. Your organization will benefit of this campaign. The image of your organization focused to help will increase.