John’s story

John is a lively 5 year old boy who lives with his family in the village of Mera. Until last year he hadn’t attended pre-school and spent most of his days on the streets of the village alone, unattended, unfed and uncared for, his dark eyes revealing apathy, hurt and fear. Practical skills were lacking, he had not used cutlery before and didn’t know what it means to brush his teeth, but more importantly he was neglected and sad. But now, what a difference!

Now his face shines with a wide cheeky smile and now he is a healthy boy no longer alone left to fend for himself. John now attends nursery school every day and after nursery is taught and cared for at the Diakonia Centre in Mera. He is learning to work as part of a group and he is developing in his speech, social skills, and is learning new things every day through play and educational activities.

What has made the difference for John? Caring staff and volunteers who teach with patience and who give him love acceptance and praise. The difference is made by staff who are committed to helping him to learn about health and hygiene, dealing with his emotions, and to helping him to learn all the important things he needs to know to prepare him for school.

At the beginning he came to the project rarely and found it difficult to adapt to group work, rules and boundaries, but now there’s no stopping him! He comes to the project come rain or shine and feels that the Diakonia is a place which brings love and security to his life.

What a difference!