Hope for little Adrian

Adrian is a 9 years old boy who lives in Tarian village. Since September he has attended the activities held within the educational project “Chance for a better life”. This project is developed by a team of people from Christian Center Betania having the support of Dorcas Aid Romania for the project.

Adrian comes from a very poor Roma family whose interest in educational process is very low. Nevertheless, the boy started to attend the local school and he persevered in it every day.

Even though he didn’t have always clean clothes on him or enough food to eat, he convinced his parents that it was worth continuing to learn.

It is a great help for Adrian the fact that he can attend to the weekly activities of the educational project. Here he receives school materials, aliments and hygiene materials. Together with the other children he participates at the Biblical lessons, hygiene and good manners classes.

He likes football very much; his dream is to become a very good football player, maybe even a leader of a football team.

For me, it was a touching moment when I visited him at home. He was very glad for my visit and he wanted to offer me something. Not having much to offer, he told me he would give me a ring… which in fact was a metallic circle used for hanging the keys. I believe that for him that metallic circle was one of the most valuable things that he had and still, he wanted to offer it to me as a sign of thankfulness and appreciation. More than this, when I left his home he expressed his desire to accompany me to the bus station leaving the play field and the other children, and this was only to spend more time with me and to talk.

My prayer for Adrian is that God would bless his future and help him to escape poverty by learning and graduating a school and then finding a decent work place.