The children from Agrij bring joy

Through this activity we aimed to bring joy in one of the Roma families from Agrij village. The pupils from the fifth grade, under the guidance of the headmaster, Mrs. Aurelia Pavel, and of the form master, Mrs. Eugenia Mitrașcă, decided to welcome the Celebration of Lord Jesus Christ’s Birth by offering gifts (aliments) to a family with two children of three and 1 years old. The parents are very young, they have not reached 20 years old yet, and they have been chased away from their homes. They live in Agrij, in a room offered by an aunt of them. They have no income, except the children’s allowances. When they saw the pupils bringing them aliments they were totally surprised. They told us that they weren’t used with such gestures for them.

Being modest and simple people, they found it hard to express their joy in words, but the smiles on their faces were giving enough thankfulness to the 17 pupils of fifth grade. They have realized in this way that with little things you can bring light and hope in a small, dark and very modest house.

“The tears from the eyes of the hosts touched our hearts” said some of the pupils of fifth grade and “we are anxious to see more of this kind of actions”. “We have been able to see in what poverty live the people around us and we know now to treasure more our house, our family and our parents”!

It is to be mentioned that Agrij village is a “very hardened soil”. For some of the teachers of local school from Agrij, the Blue Bucket Campaign is something new and quite a challenge. Even the teachers who had been reticent at the beginning of the campaign, they have agreed to continue this activity in the future too after seeing the impact that the campaign has had in the lives of the children.

Thank you “Dorcas Aid” for the chance to be more sensitive and kind hearted!

(The pupils of the Secondary School from Agrij, Sălaj county)