Marcel, a blessing for his family

Marcel is a boy who benefits of the educational project “Chance for better life” from Cheresig village. Three years ago when he entered the project, his school results were low and his teacher was not very confident in his chances to improve his learning…

Still, after assisting him daily, encouraging and supporting him in the after school project time, Marcel has managed to fill in the educational gaps and in this way to improve his learning process. Now he reads fluently, he writes quite well and the school grades at math have increased.

During this trimester I have paid a visit to his family. His mother expressed her thankfulness for all the help that Marcel and his older brother, Florin, have received through the project.

With delight and satisfaction, his mother shared us how Marcel started to read Scriptures to his parents and grandparents who are illiterate. It is a great accomplishment for this Roma poor family that their youngest child can read to them the Word of God.

We also are thankful to God for this miracle that He has done in Marcel’s family and we are glad that this Dorcas project has such results.