A dream came true

Ingrid is 20 years old. She was born in a family without a father. Her mother, who was very unstable and alcoholic, died in October 1999. For a very short period she stayed with her uncle, in a village near Targu Mures. He was unable to take care of her and therefore she was placed in Dorcas Home. Even though she keeps in touch with him and there is a good relationship between Ingrid and her uncle.

In 2008 Ingrid joined the Onesimus Project. She appreciated the activities there. During Summer holidays she took part at Summer Work Camps, but in 2009 and 2010 she worked at companies. She did a good job and the staff valued her. She used her salary to buy a good camera, but she also contributed to the expenses of the Dorcas Home with RON 200 (~50 EUR).

In January 2011 Ingrid graduated a 6 months hairdresser’s course; On the 25 of January took place her final exam, which she passed with high grade. What is to be noticed is that the course cost 500 EUR, Onesimus Project contributed with a part of this cost and Ingrid used her savings to pay for the rest. It is to be appreciated that she invested from her own resources. On the other hand she is a well trained hairdresser and she professes already in the Dorcas Home, helping her mates with their hairdressing issues. Since January 2011 Ingrid is a Senior Onesimus member, which means that she is willing to volunteer whenever we ask her to join in.

Ingrid is still a school-attendee and she is expected to finish her studies this summer. She dreams to work as a hairdresser!